Sherry Einhaus

Chief Operating Officer/Program Manager

Sherry joined OTA in 2016 intending to volunteer in support of our troops and veterans.  She quickly became a leader, facilitating volunteer program activities, coordinating fund raising events and securing in-kind and financial donations for the charity.  She has served as Program Manager, overseeing all aspects of OTA’s Active-Duty “Wish List” and Veteran “Welcome Home” programs since 2018 and in 2020, the Board of Directors unanimously elected her to position of Chief Operating Officer.

Sherry’s drive and dedication is inspirational and she demonstrates unwavering support for the troops and veterans we serve every day.  She sets the bar high and is the perfect example of what it means to serve others.

Sherry is a resident of Bethel Park PA and a licensed insurance agent, working full-time in addition to her leadership role at OTA.