COVID – 19 Update


We have been informed that OTA is on the PA essential business list. As a result, we are operating; however our operations are limited as follows:

We cannot provide beds as our supplier is NOT on the essential business list and is closed indefinitely.

We are providing Welcome Home Kits as long as our supplies last. Unfortunately, donations have crawled to a halt, so we are monitoring our resources through this crisis. Donations are greatly appreciated, if you’re in a position to help! We will provide updates if our status and ability to continue this program changes.

Our transportation service is running as normal so our veterans can get to critical doctor appointments and other essential services. Again, we will continue to offer this service as long as we are financially able to do so.

Our active-duty program is up and running. Additionally, we are currently working with local contacts at the PA National Guard and reserve to assist those that may be activated in Western PA.

We are working with a skeleton crew so we can adhere to safe practices while we’re open.

We continue to pray for a quick resolution to this crisis. Be safe and thank you for your support!