Troop Request

“Wish List” Submission Guidelines and Form

OTA’s giving policy requires that a “wish list” forms be for items that:

  • are for each member of your unit, or
  • are items that can be shared equitably among the unit

As a result, requests for individual troop members will not be fulfilled.

Please submit your “wish list”, keeping in mind that we may be financially limited to providing the top one or two items on your list.

We make every effort to complete your request as quickly as possible. Based on current funding levels and time required to procure items, there could be a delay of up to 60 days to complete your request. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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Point of Contact


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Alternative or Personal Email Address

In case we are unable to reach you after several attempts to confirm receipt of your shipment, please include the Name, Rank, and Military email address of your Commanding Officer.

Commanding Officer Rank

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Commanding Officer Military Email Address

Unit Information

Size of Unit Covered by Request

(e.g., Squad, Platoon, squadron, Flight, Company, etc.)

Number of Troops Covered by the Unit Request


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Number of Females in the Unit

Items Specifically Requested for Females

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Deployment Information

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Start Date of Deployment

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General Unit Mission

Wish List
OTA is a non-profit that relies solely on donations. At times funds are limited. We appreciate your limiting your request to those items that are most critical to your mission and morale.

Items Requested

If you are requesting clothing, please provide EXACT SIZES, QUANTITIES, COLOR, and TYPE of items you are requesting.  We need this information to ensure everyone receives something suitable for their needs and that fits comfortably

Other information about your unit, conditions, etc. you'd like us to consider.

Equitable Distribution

I affirm that this submission is made on behalf of all the individuals in the unit I have indicated on the form. This submission is NOT for items for my singular or personal use. I understand that OTA requires and expects me to be willing and capable of ensuring equitable distribution of the items I receive.

Photos and Information.

I hereby give OTA permission to use any photos and information I submit to them to further promote their organization and the importance of supporting deployed troops. I understand that to protect the privacy and safety of military personnel, OTA does not release individuals’ names or addresses to anyone outside the organization.

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