Welcome Home Program


Since July of 2004, you have helped Operation Troop Appreciation (OTA) provide support to over 190,000 members of the military community. In 2014, we launched Welcome Home, our veteran support program, expanding our services and providing much needed assistance to our veterans and their families.  Over 5,000 veteran families have received support through this program!

Our Welcome Home program fills a gap in support our veteran community receives today, by helping to prevent homelessness and provide a hand-up for our veterans experiencing poverty today. Working with the PAServes network, Welcome Home provides support for veterans in need by helping to defray the costs associated with establishing a new home.

How do we do this? Our culture has a tradition of providing house warming gifts to friends and families moving into a new home. OTA extends this tradition, by providing gifts that help veterans and their families establish residence. We all know that moving into a new home can be stressful and costly. In the case of our homeless veterans, they enter new homes with only the clothes on their backs. A critical component of their full recovery and transition into civilian life is that they be healthy, rested and comfortable. To that end, OTA provides these families with a good bed and mattress, and essential household items to give them the best possible environment in which to live.

These are the items in a standard Welcome Home gift we provide:

You can help by sponsoring a veteran and their family.

Help our organization by donating. Any amount helps! Thank you.

Sponsorship Donation Amount Items
Veteran Welcome Home Kit $500.00 Pots, pans, dishes, laundry supplies, towels, sheets, bathroom and cleaning items.
Single Adult Veteran $750.00 Full size bed, mattress set, Welcome Home Kit
Adult Couple $900.00 Queen Size Bed, mattress set, Welcome Home Kit
Family of Four $1,500.00 Queen size bed, twin beds, mattress sets, Welcome Home Kit

The need for support and appreciation from the community is critical for our troops and our veterans. We continue to support our troops and now serve our veterans because of YOUR ongoing, generous support.

We are proud to share the smiling faces of the veterans we serve and our veteran projects!